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Lesma offers the standard mathematical and boolean operators

General/Specific operators

Name Symbol Info
Dot . Member accessing operator
Range .. Range defining operator

Mathematical operators

Name Symbol Info
Plus + Mathematical plus
Minus - Mathematical minus or Unary minus
Multiplication * Mathematical multiplication
Divide / Mathematical division
Integer divide // Floor value or mathematical division
Modulo % Mathematical modulo
Power ^ Mathematical power

Boolean operators

Name Symbol Info
And and And
Or or Or
Xor xor Exclusive Or
Is is Type checking operator
As as Casting operator
Not not Not boolean operator
Equals == Value equality
Not Equals != Value inequality
Less Than < Less than value
Less Or Equal Than <= Less or equal than value
Greater Than < Greater than value
Greater Or Equal Than >= Greater or equal than value

Assignment operators

Name Symbol Info
Assignment = Assignment of value to variable
Incremental Assignment ++ Increments the value of a variable
Decrement Assignment -- Decrements the value of a variable
Addition Assignment += Assignment of value plus current value assigned
Substraction Assignment -= Assignment of value minus current value assigned
Multiplication Assignment *= Assignment of value multiplied by the current value assigned
Division Assignment /= Assignment of value divided by the value assigned
Integer Division Assignment //= Assignment of value floor divided by current value assigned
Modulo Assignment %= Assignment of value modulo current value assigned
Power Assignment ^= Assignment of assigned value to the power of value

Operator Overloading

Operators can be user-defined by defining functions using the keyword operator followed by the specified operator, and with one (for unary operators) or two (for binary operators)

def operator + (x: int, y:int) -> int
    return 42

def operator - (x: int) -> int
    return 0

print(3+5)  # Prints 42
print(-20)  # Prints 0