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  • Fix operator overloading going through an infinite loop if used in def function
  • Fix unicode on windows


  • Improve warning messages
  • Add indentation related errors
  • Add docs for mixed arithmetic
  • Improve docs as much as possible for v0.5
  • Remove clang as a dependency
  • Move error messages from source files to typechecker
  • Add support for functions with same name but different parameters
  • Fix local - global variable behaviour, currently there's an implicit main func
  • Use dataclasses and static typing as much as possible in source code
  • String/Lists are currently unsupported on: input function, operators, etc.
  • Find a way to use pointers and null for FFI but restrict or disallow it in normal Lesma
  • Allow ranges to be used as list expressions


  • Implement Class inheritance
  • Implement Dictionary
  • Implement 'in' as a boolean result
  • Implement Closure
  • Implement string interpolation
  • Implement string operators


  • Implement a functional Visual Studio Code plugin
  • Implement syntax highlighting
  • Implement autocomplete
  • Implement go to definition, etc